Custom Catering for your next event

Our catering menus are completely flexible. The two things that are not flexible, however, are the quality and presentation of our cuisine.  We have multiple packages that we offer that will be appropriate for your event, or we could also customize our cuisine to meet your specific situation.  Perhaps you are looking for a menu to compliment a theme or you want a unique mOenu for your wedding reception, our team of chefs and event planners will work with your ideas and suggestions to create the menu that is just right for you.

Hors D’oeuvres
Fresh Vegetable Du Jour – Fresh Potato Du Jour
Coffee and Tea
with Hot & Cold Hor d’oeuves
Your choice of Cake, Pastry Table and All Labor & Gratuities
$29.99 per Person
3 Hour Duration

Elegant Sit-Down Menu
Fresh Fruit Cup or Soup
Your Choice of Pasta
Greek Salad, Italian Romaine Salad
Tossed Salad or Caesar Salad
Lemon Sorbet or Orange Sorbet
Choice of:
Roast Prime Rib of Beef – Baked Stuffed Flounder
Veal Marsala
Fresh Vegetable Du Jour – Fresh Potato Du Jour
Coffee and Tea
with Hot & Cold Hor d’oeuves
Your choice of Cake, Pastry Table and All Labor & Gratuities
$53.00 per Person

Special All Seasons Menu
Carving Station with Top Sirloin of Beef, Virginia, Loin of Pork, Turkey Breast (Choice of Two)
Pasta of your Choice
Salad of your Choice
Fresh Vegetable
Potato of your Choice
Sautéed Breast of Chicken of your Choice
Fresh Dinner Rolls
Fresh Fruit Platter
$49.95 per Person

Buffet Style Party Menu
Pasta Station with Four Pastas
Cheese and Fruit Table
Carving Station with Turkey Breast, Corned Beef, Roast Beef, and Loin of Pork (Choice of Two)
Mini Rolls, Sauces, and Condiments
A Selection of Six Bite Size Hors d’oeuvres
Sesame Shrimp – Stir Fried Chicken
Soda – Bottle of Water
Mini Pastries and Cookies
Coffee and Tea
$35.95 per Person
With Seafood Table:
Cocktail Shrimp – Poached Salmon
$45.95 per Person
Minimum 30 Persons

Delicatessen Delights:
Includes all the Following:
Fancy Cold Cut Platters Consisting of:
Breast of Turkey – Virginia Ham – Pastrami – Genoa Salami – Brisket of Corned Beef
Roast Top Sirloin of Beef
Assorted Sliced Cheese Platter Includes:
Imported Swiss – American – Provolone – Real Cheddar
Assorted Condiment Platter

Mediterranean Dinner:
Select one from each category when a choice is indicated:
Fresh Fruit Cup or Soup
Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil Salad
Greek Salad, Tossed Salad, Italian Romaine or Caesar Salad
Roast Prime Rib of Beef or Sautéed Boneless Breast of Chicken
Lemon Style, Caper Cream, Cacciatore or
Sesame Stuffed Flounder w/ Crabmeat or Poached Norwegian Salmon
Potato and Vegetable Du Jour
Your Choice of Pasta
French Dinner Rolls
$39.50 per Person
Minimum 15 Persons
(With Hot & Cold Hors D’oeuvres)

Select one from each category when a choice is indicated:
Fresh Fruit Cup or Soup
Greek Salad, Tossed Salad, or Italian Romaine Salad
Roasted Top Round of Beef, Baked Virginia Ham or Roast Pork Loin
with Sage, Caper Cream, Cacciatore or Sesame Sauces
Or Shrimp Stir Fry
Fresh Brisket of Corned Beef & Cabbage
Or Roast Leg of Lamb Athenian
Your Choice of Pasta
Fresh Garden Vegetables
Oven Potatoes
Bread and Biscuits
$35.50 per Person
(Pickup or Delivery)

Chef’s Choice Assortment or Savori Selections:
Select one from each category when a choice is indicated:
Fancy Cold Cut Platter Including:
Breast of Turkey – Virginia Ham – Pastrami – Genoa Salami – Brisket of Corned Beef – Roast Beef
Assorted Cheese and Condiments
Baked Lasagna or Your Choice of Pasta
Lemon Chicken or Boneless Breast and Style
Meatballs and Italian Sausage
Greek Salad or Italian Romaine Salad
Bread and Biscuits
$27.95 per Person (Pickup)
$30.95 with Dessert

Cold Cuts and Salad Assortments:
Our Own Style Virginia Ham and Swiss Cheese
Pastrami – Chicken Salad
Roast Top Round Beef
Assorted Condiments
Fresh Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Cole Slaw
$12.50 per Person
Minimum 15 Persons

Picnic Basket/BBQ Picnic:
Hot Dogs
BBQ Ribs and Chicken
Assorted Salads
Italian Sausage – Meatballs
Corn on the Cob
Bread and Rolls
Condiment Tray
$20.95 per Person
Children $10.95 (5-12 years)
Minimum 30 Persons

Executive Office Luncheon Package:
Your Choice of Chicken Francaise, Marsala, or BBQ
Sliced Top Sirloin of Beef & Virginia Ham
Plus Pasta
$20.95 per Person
20 Persons Minimum

Old Western Style BBQ
Nachos with Cheese & Salsa
Corn on the Cob
BBQ Baked Beans
BBQ Spareribs
BBQ Chicken
Caesar Salad
Red Skin Potato Salad
Texas Wieners
Assorted Rolls
Western Apple Cake
$22.95 per Person

Bon Jour Breakfast Special – ALPS Breakfast Club

Orange Juice
Danish Pastry
Scrambled Eggs
French Toast
Sausage & Bacon
Some Fries
Hot Grits
$18.95 per Person
Children $6.95 (5-12 years)
Minimum 30 Persons
Delivered and Set-Up

Delicious Hors D’oeuvres

Shrimp Newburg $110.00 per pan
Mini Egg Rolls $49.50 per hundred
Cocktail Canapes $85.00 per hundred
Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms $59.50 per hundred
(Spinach or Cheese Filo)
$75.00 per hundred
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (100) $75.00 per hundred
Kosher Franks in Blanket $60.00 per hundred
Pizza Bagels $75.00 per hundred
Stuffed Potato Skins (bacon, pepperoni, sausage, or shrimp) $18.95 per dozen
Individual Chicken or Beef Shish Kebob $5.95 each
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms $3.95 each
Herb Stuffed Mushrooms $1.00 each
Special Coconut Shrimp $3.95 each
Cocktail Shrimp w/ Cocktail Sauce $3.95 each
Mini Antipasto $5.50 plate
Melon w/ Prosciutto $3.95 each
Baby Lamb Chops w/ rosemary sauce $6.95 each
Vegetable Tempura w/ horseradish dip $5.50 plate
Mushroom Caps w/ spinach & ricotta cheese $2.00 each
Buffalo Wings w/ celery, carrots, & bleu cheese dressing $65.00 per pan
Fried Shrimp w/ cocktail sauce $3.00 each

Carving Board Specialties

Prime Ribs of Beef (boneless) $15.95 per lb.
Roast Top Round of Beef $8.95 per lb.
Roast Boneless Turkey Breast $8.95 per lb.
Roast Leg of Lamb $10.95 per lb.
Roast Tenderloin of Beef (medium rare) Cocktail rolls, mustard horseradish sauce $15.95 per lb.
Roast Polynesian Loin of Pork sweet hot mustard, sweet & sour sauce, soy dip $10.95 per lb.
Boneless Pork Loin marinated in soy sauce, honey, fresh garlic & ginger, served w/ sweet & sour sauce $10.95 per lb.
Baked Virginia Ham (boneless) dijon mustard sauce $9.50 per lb.
Corned Beef Brisket thinly sliced w/ sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing for mini Ruebens $14.95 per lb.
Fresh Ham cocktail rolls, carved & served w/ variety of mustard & relishes $10.95
Royal Round of Corned Beef $10.95 per lb.

Tender Broiled Suggestions

N.Y. Sirloin onion rings (21oz.) $19.95 per piece
Prime Filets w/ mushroom caps $24.95 per piece
Prime Lamb Chops $6.95 each
Jumbo 8 oz. Fresh Hamburgers $3.95 each
Breast of Chicken (marinated) $5.95 each
Jumbo Cold Water Lobster Tails $26.5o each
Medium Lobster Tails (6 oz.) $13.95 each
Broiled Sea Scallops broiled in garlic butter $140.00 per pan

Crispy Fried Suggestions

Cajun Scrod Petites $89.50 per pan
Sesame Eggplant Sticks Served w/ tempura dipping sauce $59.50 per pan

Assorted Cold Catch Selections

Cocktail Canapes $85.00 per hundred
Fresh Salmon Salad $14.95 per lb.
Cold Poached Norwegian Salmon w/ mustard sauce $16.95 per lb.
Nova Smoked Salmon & Whitefish Combo Platter  
Nova $24.95 per lb.
Whitefish $12.50 per lb.
Canadian Smoked whitefish $13.50 per lb.
Marinated Smoked Whitefish $13.50 per lb.
Cold Roasted Red Peppers w/ mushrooms, olives, fresh mozzarella marinated $69.50 per pan
Homestyle Soups  
50 Cup Canisters of Chicken, Vegetable, Beef $49.50
50 Cup Canisters of Lobster Bisque, Snapper $59.50
Manhattan & New England Clam Chowder $85.00
Stir Fry Favorites  
Chicken $84.50 per pan
Jumbo Shrimp $125.00 per pan
Filet of Beef $125.00 per pan
Tasty Pastries  
Fancy Petit Fours $95.00 (80 pieces)
Fancy Cookie Tray $45.00 (5 lbs.)
Fish Tray  
Whitefish Salad, Fresh Salmon Salad, Poached Salmon w/ Dill Sauce, Nova Lox $14.95 per person

A la Carte Take Out

Sautéed Portobello Mushrooms w/balsamic vinegar $75.00 per pan
Potato Pancakes w/ garnish $79.50 per pan
Lasagna $79.50 per pan
Vegetarian Style Lasagna w/ fresh vegetables $79.50 per pan
Baked Moussaka or Pistachio $79.50 per pan
Eggplant Parmigiana $69.50 per pan
Meatballs in Sauce $79.50 per pan
Our Own Italian Sausage w/ peppers & onions $79.50 per pan
Fresh Vegetables $39.50 per pan
Potatoes (mashed, Boca Raton yams, scalloped red skins, Austrian wedges) $39.50 per pan
Pasta (linguine w/ pesto sauce, baked macaroni, pencil pints, minestrone, stir fry, alfredo) $49.50 per pan
Rice Pilaf $39.50 per pan
Cheese Tortellini Pasta w/ fresh pesto sauce $59.50 per pan
Lemon Chicken, BBQ Chicken or Fried Chicken $69.50 per pan
Boneless Chicken (francaise, marsala, lemon style, sesame or pizzaiola, sicilian, carporizzo) $97.50 per pan
Veal and Peppers $97.50 per pan
Danish Baby Back Spareribs $85.50 per pan
Stuffed Cabbage $69.50 per pan
Lump Crab Imperial $10.95 per portion
Jumbo Fried Shrimp $3.25 per shrimp
Petite Stuffed Flounder w/ crab $9.95 per portion
Poached Salmon $16.95 per lb.
Stuffed Chicken Breasts w/ sauce $8.95 per portion
Beef Pepper Steak $89.50 per pan
Italian Style Chicken $69.50 per pan
Veal Marsala or Francaise $135.00 per pan
Sliced London Broil $125.00 per pan
Vegetable Cannelloni $34.50 per pan
Stuffed Shells w/ sauce $55.00 per pan
Shrimp Creole $95.00 per pan
Cheese Ravioli w/ sauce $69.50 per pan
Greek, Italian Romaine, or Caesar Salad $39.95 per bowl
Potato, Macaroni, Pasta, or Vegetable Salad $39.95 per bowl
Cole Slaw $29.50 per bowl


Sodas, garnishes, fruit, glassware and ice are other costs you need to consider.

In order to serve liquor at a public building or park, we must obtain a special license for that day at customer’s expense.

Beer trucks are available for those large family, club, bowling, or company picnic.

For more precise quote, please contact us and we will help you determine your needs.

ALPS: Paper Plates to China

Paper service includes all plates, utensils, and paper tablecloths – $4.50 per person

Plastic service includes all plates, utensils, and paper tablecloths – $4.50 per person

Complete china and linen service – $10.00 per person

*Please ask for Cake and Pastries price list*